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Polestar Planetarium carries the required Public Liability Insurance. We operate to strict safety standards (see also Dome Page).

Please note that owing to the necessity of operating equipment in a darkened environment whilst presenting shows, audiences of minors must be accompanied by an adult from the commissioning organisation who remains in loco parentis at all times.


We aim to provide outstanding value for money with prices per head comparing very favourably with other events and educational visits.

Our large dome and state of the art projection system allow us to offer outstanding value for money.  As well as creating a real atmosphere of space around the audience, it offers the advantage of being able to accommodate whole school bookings in a single day.  It also accommodates more children in a given time; a useful feature given the demands upon school halls due to dining etc.

The schedules and prices below are offered as a guide only.  Prices quoted are typical prices based on classes of 30 but please be aware that it is principally the number of sessions that determines price.  Depending upon the nature of the booking and seasonal demand, it may be possible to offer a discount or to waive travel and subsistence costs.  We are always open to discussions to find ways to meet your needs and, within reason, budget.

Primary Whole School, One Day Bookings - typical price: £1.67 per head (based on 12 classes of 30 in 6 sessions).These bookings are often undertaken for whole school topics or events and present outstanding value for money.  Typically they involve the dome remaining in place all day in order to facilitate the required number of sessions.

Secondary Whole Year Group, One Day Bookings - typical price: £1.67 per head (based on 10 classes of 30 in 5 sessions).  These bookings are often undertaken in connection with work in specific curriculum areas and are typically scheduled around the existing school timetable.  As such they can accommodate a whole year group in one day thus providing minimum of disturbance to hall/gym timetables.  These days are most popular with whole cohort Y7 bookings and/or are often scheduled with G&T sessions for older students.

Multi Day Bookings - typical price: £1.50 per head (based on 12 classes of 30 in up to 6 sessions).  These bookings are mostly undertaken on behalf of Educational Charities, STEM organisations and Academy Chains.  They are often based in one or more Secondary Schools over two or more days and will typically involve additional travel and subsistence costs.  Once again, the large dome minimizes such costs. These days are most popular with whole cohort Y7 bookings and/or are often scheduled with G&T sessions for older students.

6 Classes/3 Session Booking - typical price: £2.50 per head (based on 6 classes of 30 in 3 sessions).  This pattern is ideal for those who wish to cover a whole/part of a Primary Key Stage or half of a Secondary year group.  It is based upon three sessions between the start of the school day and lunchtime and best suits those schools with separate dining facilities.

4 Classes/2 Session Booking - typical price: £2.70 per head (based on 4 classes of 30 in 2 sessions).  This is, perhaps, the most popular booking pattern for Primary Schools offering, as it does, a great combination of price per head, coverage of classes, length of session and the ability to leave the venue available for dining. It mostly involves coverage of a KS2 year group and a KS1 year group in two sessions whilst avoiding having to take the dome down over lunchtime as would be the case with smaller domes.

Typical KS1 topics involve Space, Light and Dark, Neil Armstrong and the Moon, Aliens! and other topic/literacy activities.

Typical KS2 topics involve Earth Sun and Moon (and beyond) and Ancient Greeks.

3 Classes/2 Session Booking - typical price: £3.55 per head (based on 3 classes of 30 in 2 sessions).  This is an increasingly popular option for three form entry Primary schools.  It involves a class and a half in each session and has the advantage of allowing two longer sessions easily fitted into a morning rather than the three shorter sessions required in a smaller dome.

2 Classes/1 Session Booking – Minimum fee: £250 (£4.10 per head based on, 2 classes of 30 in 1 session).  This pattern is popular with two form entry Primary year groups as a really high impact, cost effective alternative to a school trip.  A lower cost per head can often be achieved by collaboration with other year groups or key stages to achieve the 4 or 6 class bookings described above.  Please see comment on typical Key Stage topics above for a guide as to where you may look to include others.  If this pattern does not fit your needs (e.g. if you are a single form entry school) please call to discuss alternatives.

1 Class/1 Session Booking - Minimum fee: £250 (£8.30 per head based on, 1 class of 30 in 1 session).  Whist this is clearly the most expensive cost per head, it is still regarded by some schools as a viable alternative to a school trip. Ideally, one would seek out another year group to lower cost per head or investigate the possibility of a whole school booking.  However, depending upon the nature of the booking and seasonal demand, it may also be possible to spend a little more time to develop this single class booking into a longer experience


The first 10 miles from our base in Ackworth (Wakefield) is included in the fees above. Thereafter mileage is charged at 45p per mile.


  • Schools and events: We request that you pay by cheque or cash on the day of the visit.
  • Museums and businesses: As we are a small business, please note that where an invoice is raised it must be paid strictly within 21 days.

The planetarium is an indoor only facility.

The Dome requires an indoor space at least 7m wide X 7.5m long with 4m of unobstructed height (23' X 25' X 13'). A badminton court is 20' (6m) wide. In respect of height, 4m can be estimated by visualizing a 6’ person standing on top of the head of another 6’ person plus one more head. Please keep this is in mind to avoid disappointment and call us if you are in any doubt. We are pleased to help.  All that's needed is a normal power socket. Please note that the dome cannot be set up outdoors.

Timings: Schools normally have to plan around other activities such as breakfast clubs, dinners and after school activities. This is no problem as long as we know timings. Often schools will gain time for four shows in a full day by making slight changes to the timetable if their hall is used for lunches.

The presenter requires 40 (preferably 45) minutes to set up at the beginning of a series of shows, 20 minutes to temporarily disassemble and store the Dome (e.g. over a lunch time) and 20 minutes to reassemble. Five minutes is required between shows to reset computers and other equipment.

Numbers and content: In order to tailor the experience to best effect, we need to know the intended audience and approximate numbers.


Bookings can be taken several months in advance and repeat bookings up to a year in advance.

Please feel free to telephone, e-mail or write to us if you have any queries or simply prefer to book that way.

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By e-mail:

By Telephone:

01977 618137

If we are not available please use the answering service to leave either a daytime or evening contact number and we promise we'll get back as soon as we can. If you don't like answer-phones please feel free to call back after 5:30 pm; we'll be more than happy to receive your call.

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