The large 6m dome in a typical school hall

Key features of the Polestar Planetarium Dome

Large 7m diameter dome giving room for comfort, providing more of a sense of space than smaller domes and enhancing the experience greatly.

Our “Fulldome” projection equipment creates immersive, hemispherical images and movies from NASA, NSC Creative (National Space Centre) and others, that surround and amaze the audience.

The ability to project a 360 degree, hemispherical Greek myth/constellation image is a fascinating and popular feature that enables study and story telling.

Our large dome and state of the art projection system allow us to offer outstanding value for money.  As well as creating a real atmosphere of space around the audience, it offers the advantage of being able to accommodate whole school bookings in a single day.  It also accommodates more children in a given time; a useful feature given the demands upon school halls due to dining etc.

The dome inflates in less than 5 minutes. Access to the dome is through a tall vertical zip in the side (no crawling). Disabled access is easily achieved by lifting of the dome's skirt as the dome simply sits on the floor of the hall, sealed by its skirt. (We'd be really grateful if you could arrange a thorough sweep of the floor beforehand in order to protect the projection surface).

Examples of the projections within the dome (larger examples in our Gallery and Reviews page):

Projections within the Dome Projections within the Dome Projections within the Dome

The dome is capable of holding up to 70 children and supervising adults (normally 2 classes).

The Dome requires an indoor space at least 7m wide X 7.5m long with 4m of unobstructed height (23' X 25' X 13'). A badminton court is 20' (6m) wide. In respect of height, 4m can be estimated by visualizing a 6’ person standing on top of the head of another 6’ person plus one more head. Please keep this is in mind to avoid disappointment and call us if you are in any doubt. We are pleased to help.  All that's needed is a normal power socket. Please note that the dome cannot be set up outdoors.


Our dome is built and tested to rigorous standards.

Emergency evacuation of the dome is achieved in seconds. The audience simply sits still whilst the dome slides over the air pocket much as an eyelid opens over an eyeball. This also provides a bonus experience at the end of the last session!

Please see the video clip below:

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