Experience the wonders of the Universe in the North's largest and most stunning mobile planetarium


The Polestar Planetarium comes to you and brings with it an exciting multimedia exploration of the Cosmos.

PresentationMuch more than just a film show, Polestar Planetarium brings to you an exciting exploration of the Cosmos presented by a qualified teacher familiar with the requirements of the curriculum and skilled in engaging both children and adults. The experience involves not only a dazzling visual presentation but, for schools in particular, creates an opportunity for interaction by pupils who are encouraged to participate and to take away a vivid and lasting impression which will also stand them in good stead for future curriculum work.

The content of each presentation is tailored to the audience; be they school children, volunteer organisations such as the Scouting movement or adult organisations such as Rotary and WI. A typical presentation lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. The planetarium is also available for corporate events, science fairs, summer camps and fêtes.

Our large dome, advanced projection equipment and experienced presenter create a unique and awe inspiring experience that captivates all from the very young to the not so very young. Our aim is to make learning about Space interesting and fun!

The planetarium is an inflatable dome.  It is the largest in Northern Britain (7m / 23' in diameter by 4m/ 14’ high) but still fits into most school halls.  The dome is capable of holding up to 70 children and supervising adults (normally 2 classes).  Specialist projectors are used to create 360 degree, hemispherical images and movies of other worlds and of the night sky.  Material from NASA and the National Space Centre is used extensively and the experience is further enhanced by music.

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